William Garner

I have grown up in Jersey City and have always loved to sing. There is a special place in my heart for show tunes thanks to my dad, who started me and my sister on old movie musicals at an early age. As a kid and teenager I performed in various youth theater programs. In high school I got to play Mr. Mushnik in “Little Shop of Horrors” and Mayor Shinn in “The Music Man.”

High school was also where I got sucked into a small but close-knit choir community helmed by Benjamin Isecke. Almost before you could say “baritone,” I found myself a member of the concert choir, chamber choir and a cappella glee club (which I eventually co-conducted). Deeply inspired by these experiences, I rushed to join the chorale at Union College where I sang everything from Mozart to Sondheim. Somehow I found the time for an interdisciplinary major in French and English. After spending seven months in France as an English teaching assistant, I’ve returned home to pursue my interests in language education. I am beyond thrilled to join this musical community!