Rachael Richard

Soprano II

My name is Rachael Richard (she/her/hers) and I am a 27 year old high school history teacher at Bayonne High School. I live in the Bergen-Lafayette Area with my partner of 3 years, my cat, his cat, the kitten we rescued, and my golden retriever. I’m originally from New Jersey myself and went to college at Tulane University in New Orleans where I actually minored in jazz vocals and studied with New Orleans notable and Jazz Hall of Famer Leah Chase. After my stint in New Orleans, I moved back to NYC for my master’s of art in teaching at Columbia University. My current academic focuses are graphic novels & comics in the social studies classroom, indigenous history & learning, and experiential/place-based learning. I teach an Indigenous History elective course with a service partnership with the Lakota Nation in South Dakota which is a true passion project of mine. Outside of school and academia, my dog and I do multiple dog sports, such as agility and nose work (like K9 Scent Work). I also have TONS of houseplants both in my apartment and classroom, so if you need Auntie Plantie, I’m here! Excited to be a part of NRS this season!