Rachael d'Silva

Soprano 2

I was born in Mississauga, Canada, but spent my formative years in Karachi, Pakistan, and my teenage years in Toronto, Canada before moving to Waterloo, Canada for university.  I am Goan, iykyk, with grandparents and great-grand-parents, who followed opportunities that lay outside what their ancestors had known, for hundreds of years, in search of better futures.  I feel like a global citizen and have visited over 50 countries on 6 continents.   I volunteer regularly with organizations that work to help environmental and social justice causes, both of which I am passionate about.   

I am currently working at a financial services tech firm, where I am a project manager in the buy-side platform team.  Going in to work has been so much fun as I really love the team of engineers I work with, and learn something new every day. We’re currently changing some of the ways we’ve done things in the past, and transformations, are what I am most passionate about.  I do not like selfish, pushy people. If you’re nice and look at things from other people’s perspectives (or at least try to understand those perspectives) I will go the extra mile to help you. 

I am a fan of the Great American Songbook, a massive supporter of all things Canadian, an intermediate gardener, an ever-improving photographer, and a huge fan of all Toronto sports teams. Go Leafs Go!!!!