Patrick Toussaint

While growing up in Florida, singing in the church choir was my preferred method of prayer. While studying in New England, singing on the T allowed me to earn enough dough to visit my then-girlfriend (and now wife) on the weekends. But as an adult in New Jersey, singing was sustained only by the too-seldom swell of a power ballad poured out in a dark karaoke room.

But now that I’ve joined North River Sing, I feel whole again. This is my second season with the chorus, and I’ve been so excited to be able to sing on a regular basis, and to be with like-minded folks who have taken time out from their busy schedules to perform great music!

In addition to the above, I work as a project manager at a bank, I love history, politics, and sci-fi, and my wife and I have lived in Jersey City since 2008 (with our dog Maya).