Nicole Vitale

Tenor I

I’ve always loved to perform and sing starting at a young age. I started singing in the school chorus in 1st grade and continued throughout high school. In college, I mostly transitioned to weekly karaoke, and you can find me at Ed & Mary’s on Thursday nights with fellow NRS members Gladys and Eric. I learned how to play drums when I was 8 years old and performed in a few rock bands in my teenage years. I love music so much I made it my career, and I work at Warner Music Group as a Senior Manager of New Release Content. I’ve worked in all different genres, such as Heavy Metal, Electronic Dance Music, Rap/Hip Hop, and Pop. I am also an avid skier and used to compete in ski races, and I am a certified ski instructor! I love living in Jersey City and am excited to share my love of music with others, and am happy to have found a new community in NRS.