Mitch Holsten

I’m Mitch Holsten, a tenor. I come from an entertainment family, with my mom (RIP 1995) a dancer for Jackie Gleason (June Taylor Dancers), and my dad a character actor (RIP 1964) who was in several episodes of Rawhide, the movies Viva Las Vegas, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie. I sang for almost 15 years at Christ Church, in Montclair (David Ireland, Pastor) where I sang with the choir, the worship team, and soloist. I am a 37 yr Doctor of Chiropractic, married for 22 yrs to Dallas, in a interracial family, with 3 daughters (Megan, Mindy, Mackenzie), and 2 step-sons (Jamar, Uriah). Now I have 5 grandchillden! I have auditioned Amateur Night at the Apollo, and America’s Got Talent. I was a background actor (Law and Order, Ugly Betty, two of many), and recently appeared in the play Our Town. Sang in several rock bands (without success), and I play blues harmonica! I’ve lived in JC from 58-77, 86-present, spending last 22 yrs in the SAME house I was raised in (Country Village).