Lucy Wood

Soprano 2

Before joining North River Sing in January 2019, I’d been away from music for a long time, so was very excited to get back to it (and attempt to get over my fear of singing along the way). I’ve played music for most of my life, starting with organ / piano at around age 5. At 14, I fell in love with playing saxophone, and moved across the country from a tiny town south of Pittsburgh to study jazz at Arizona State. I made some very meaningful connections through the jazz program that led me to the New York area in 2001. Somewhere along the way I stopped playing saxophone, but have been working on my jazz piano skills recently, and have been a member of jazz a cappella group The Original Uptown Sound since 2019. Work-wise, I help The New York Times understand news audiences through research, and moonlight as a limited permit psychologist. I live in Jersey City Heights and love to hike and show off my tiny, beautiful gardens.