Liz Morrill

Hi Everyone,

I grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and moved to Port Washington, Long Island when I was eleven. After college, volunteered for the Mondale campaign, which led me into fundraising, and I spent most of my thirties running a high-donor program at amFAR. In 2001 I launched a little beverage company called “Fizzy Lizzy” as an outlet for my idealism (it was healthful) and a vehicle to make me rich. Ha. We did sell it in 2013 to White Rock Beverages, but unfortunately, all the experience did was give me nightmares about Whole Foods!

Since selling Fizzy Lizzy, I’ve been doing the admin for Two Boots in Jersey City (which we own), running NRS, and freelance copy editing.

I’m married to a lawyer-turned musician and playwright. I wish I had kids, but (as many of you know), I do have Donut.