Karla Esleeck

I grew up in Virginia and I’ve always loved to sing for fun. From playing Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance in the high school to singing in an acapella group throughout college, I have been looking for opportunities to sing again as an adult – so I’m so excited to join North River Sing! Although my (limited) musical background has mainly been focused on singing, I played piano when I was young and most recently I’ve been teaching myself to play the ukulele through YouTube videos (so far, I learned You Are My Sunshine!).
I moved to Weehawken, NJ about 3 years ago after living in Manhattan for many years. I work downtown NYC at American Express so I commute through Jersey City every day…and now I’ll enjoy visiting and exploring on the weekends when I come to rehearsals. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends in the city, visiting my family (including my 2 adorable nieces) in VA, going to concerts/shows and volunteering. I’m really looking forward to adding singing back to my list of hobbies!