Judy Tulin

I was born in Hartford, CT to musical parents. My mother was a contrato and organist and my father, a tenor soloist in both church and synagogue choirs. I am the youngest of five children, all part of the Tulin Tabernacle Choir (Ha Ha!), two Sopranos, two Altos, One Tenor (the one brother).

My passions are art, music, people, and animals. I graduated from Conn College in 1972 (the year it went Co-ed), with a degree in French Literature, and Art as my minor. I love to travel and see art. I went on to study Art Therapy at The New School years later, and have worked part-time for twenty years, as an art therapist with senior citizens and cancer survivors.

My rent paying job is at Marble Collegiate Church, where I have worked in administration as the Pastoral Care Associate, supporting many wonderful ministers in my tenure. I have come full circle working in a church, as my parents did when I was a child.

I have always sung in choirs and ensembles and have studied cabaret and performed shows over the years at senior centers, and other venues. I love the NRS community. I live a few blocks from where we rehearse, and am so thrilled to be involved in the group, to meet others from the community and beyond.

Great voices and great people!