John Steadwell

I arrived in Manhattan from the hinterlands in the late 70’s as a bass player/singer/writer in rock/new wave bands. I earned my living as a carpenter and then a contractor building out lofts for many artists during the loft boom and built a couple of recording studios as well as sets for advertising agencies and theater. I also installed large public sculptures for artist Francis Hines and married into a family of painters and teachers. I was a partner in the conversion of a large warehouse into a recording studio and theater complex in Hoboken as well as conversion of a warehouse into 16 Artist/family lofts. I’m interested in the intersection of design, functionality and technology if that makes any sense.

Now I record sound for film and television and am back to singing after a 25 year break. I live right around the corner with my 22-year-old daughter who I expect to support me in my declining years.