Diana C. Martinez

My love for music started earlier than I could understand how integral it is to everyday life. Starting off as a soprano in Guttenberg, NJ, I have been singing in a choir since the 3rd grade. I became an alto during my last year in North Bergen H.S. and have since enjoyed being an important part of the complexity of each arrangement. Through my adolescence, an appreciation for fine music and more mainstream music was cultivated. For a few years after college, I was not able to find any other musical outlet than (sometimes car) karaoke and felt something was missing from my life. I came to the realization that singing was more than just a hobby and began studies under an instructor who taught me the secrets of opera singers. At the same time, I joined the Montclair Melochords and Teaneck Community Chorus. I continue to feel very lucky to follow through on my singing career with another great group, North River Sing.