Christine Murray


Alto 2

Hello, everyone, my name is Chrissy. I am an Alto 2, and I have loved music and singing all my life. I sang in chorus in elementary school and in Chorus, Women’s Ensemble, and Chamber Choir in high school. I graduated from Rutgers University in 2004 and majored in English and Theater Arts, but I had to take a break from singing while at college as the singing groups at Rutgers conflicted with the theater groups. I have worked in publishing at John Wiley and Sons since 2007, and I also have a side gig doing voiceover work from my home studio. I have a wonderful retriever mix named Logan, who is a certified therapy dog. Logan and I had to take a break from therapy dog work during the pandemic, but we started up again in May to help ease the nerves of Stevens University students as they prepared for their finals. I don’t watch much TV, but I am obsessed with all things Marvel, and I also love Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, nature documentaries, science shows, and animal shows. Aside from singing, my hobbies include acting, playing video games, LARPing, watching Marvel movies, and playing with Logan.