Beverly Figueroa

Hello, everyone! My name is Beverly Figueroa, but please call me Bev.

I am a Fitness Instructor, ESL teacher and entrepreneur.  I own and administer various domains and websites and I love tinkering with web design and various affiliate marketing projects.  I dedicate mornings to teaching ESL, afternoons and evenings to fitness training and late nights to my web projects.  I am also an aspiring Independent artist, singer and songwriter.

I have lived in Jersey City since 1994, when I moved here from New York with my then 11 year old daughter.  I was recently divorced at the time and starting anew as a single-mom.  I was terrified but excited at the same time.  It felt great being independent and so, I went straight to get my drivers’ license.  Once I did that, I felt as though nothing could stop me, so I went back to school. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from New Jersey City University (which truthfully did nothing for my career advancement, but it did serve as a great cover for a hole in the wall. Ha Ha).  It would not be until several years later that I would realize my calling to work in the fitness industry, and that’s when I acquired a Masters Degree in Sports and Health Sciences.

One day, I had an epiphany, which led me to the decision to leave a longstanding career in Transportation and Logistics.  I realized that I wasn’t saving lives or doing anything special and basically just sat at a desk all day shuffling papers around.  I did that for some 30 years until I burned myself out.  So I left that career for this one, and I have not regretted that decision for one second.  In fact, it was that very decision that catapulted me back into singing, after previously giving up on the notion of ever doing so again.  So, one day, I dug into my archives of poetry and songs and selected one of my favorites to release as my first single debut, called, ‘Look At Me Again’, released on CD Baby, iTunes and other online media platforms.  I had (and still have) hopes of one day making a full album.  And I also knew that this was the right time to find my way back to my passion.

All these years, I have never forgotten my love for music, no matter what was happening in my life.  In the back of my mind, I always knew that I would find my calling again.  Meanwhile, I continued to carry song in my heart, and simply followed the music where ever it led me.  It is only fitting that I ended up here, with this wonderous group of talent, called North River Sing, where I and my fellow lovers of song can share in the joy of music together.