Alyssa Marrero


I’m Alyssa and I am shy until I get to know you. I was born and raised in a little town called, Hoboken, NJ and lived there for 24 years until I met my husband (then I moved to Jersey City). I went to college at Saint Peter’s University, where I studied Education and received a Master’s in Special Education. I always knew I would wind up working in a school-type setting with children, because I am the biggest kid at heart (adulting is hard). I worked my way through different school systems, from Catholic school, to Montessori preschool, to a school for children with special needs, teaching high school basic skills. I finally found myself in the public school system for the first time ever in my life, teaching 8th grade math in West New York, and I love it.

I do not have a significant amount of experience with singing or music. I was in the chorus for 1 year during high school and my freshman year of college. It wasn’t until recent life events that I realized I needed something to supplement my life with, and to draw me in as an outlet for the weekly occurrences of life. I found passion and excitement while practicing for my audition. There was a drive in me I haven’t seen in awhile, and I liked it. So, here I am, a soon-to-be 30 year old, married with no children or pets (just my students, who I call my kids). I am super excited to see where this new adventure will take me, and happy to know I am not alone on the journey.