Lin Yang

Born in China, raised in the north of England, educated in London (economics – boo! – at UCL and LSE), and since January a JC/Hamilton Park resident via many years ping ponging between London and NYC with my husband. I was a music school kid, mainly piano with violin and singing for good measure, before getting cold feet at 18 and picking a less artistic career path. That right side of my brain still constantly needs an outlet, and I’m happy to be part of NRS! By day I work/research for the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe in Venice. In practice that means lots of working from my couch in PJ pants with a 6 hr time difference, but occasionally putting on a suit to hobnob with European government people who are much fancier than me. I have the ideal dog-sitting set-up but no dog as of now – anyone with a pup that needs day care, hit me up!